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Tijuana Resorts & Hotels

Experience the resorts and hotels in Tijuana, Mexico

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Tijuana, with a population of more than 1.5 million people, is a sprawling metropolis and is the largest city in the State of Baja California. It is also the sixth largest city in Mexico. After the Mexican American War, this area was known for ranching and then for tourism as U.S. residents began making their way south in search of entertainment and fun. Soon the city was building infrastructure, including Tijuana hotels and resort spas, to entice more northern residents to visit and spend money.

During the U.S. Prohibition in the 1920s, Tijuana developed a hedonistic reputation and became a favorite destination. Drinking and gambling were legal here, and in 1928, a splashy Tijuana resort, the Agua Caliente Touristic Complex, opened with a hotel, a private airport, a golf course, a spa and a casino. This Tijuana hotel was not in operation for long - just eight years - but in that time it gained a wild reputation and drew numerous Hollywood legends of the day, including Laurel and Hardy and Charlie Chaplin. Word has it that actress and sex symbol Rita Heyworth was discovered here. Even gangsters were known to stay in this historic Tijuana resort. Alas, Agua Caliente closed in 1935 when the Mexican president declared gambling illegal in Baja California.

Throughout the 1940s Tijuana's population grew, and in the 1950s, the city began promoting itself as a family-friendly vacation destination. Today Tijuana attracts immigrants from around Mexico, as well as from other Latin countries, who are hoping to cross the border into the United States. Generally, Tijuana is a poor city, but there are pockets of affluence, and some U.S. expatriates make their home here and commute to work in nearby San Diego.

Many foreigners, primarily from the U.S., travel to Tijuana to buy inexpensive prescription drugs, illegal drugs, bootleg products and to have inexpensive cosmetic and dental surgery performed. Crime is a problem in Tijuana, and anyone taking a Tijuana vacation should keep that in mind and take common sense precautions.

There are many Tijuana hotels and nearly all are on the European plan (in which only the room is included in the price). Some of the best hotels include the Lucerna Tijuana, a lovely property located in the financial district and just nine miles from the airport. With 168 rooms, two restaurants, a business center, air conditioning and a fitness center, the Lucerna is comfortable and accessible.

The Marriott Tijuana is another fine choice when on a Tijuana vacation or business trip. Just five minutes from the city's financial district, the Marriott has 204 modern rooms as well as wifi Internet access, a private club and valet parking.

The Camino Real is a 5-star hotel just ten minutes from the airport and is in an area with many great restaurants and pubs. The Camino Real may be Tijuana's best hotel.

The Tijuana Grand is a Tijuana hotel with 422 rooms located in two tall towers and is just eight minutes from the airport. This hotel has a lovely lobby, terrific city view and three delicious restaurants.
Tijuana Style Proximity to the beach Star Rating
Camino Real Tijuana European City
Camino Real Tijuana
City Express Tijuana Rio European City
City Express Tijuana Rio
Fiesta Inn Tijuana European City
Fiesta Inn Tijuana
Fiesta Inn Tijuana Otay Airport European City
Fiesta Inn Tijuana Otay Airport
Grand Hotel Tijuana European City
Grand Hotel Tijuana
Hotel Lucerna European City
Hotel Lucerna
Hotel Palacio Azteca European City
Hotel Palacio Azteca
Marriott Tijuana European City
Marriott Tijuana